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Ryan Stenhouse
Ryan Stenhouse is a Rubyist, Technology Enthusiast, Linguist and Writer from Fife, in Scotland. You can find out more about him or the projects he`s working on by visiting the appropriate sections of this website. You will also find some useful tutorials, usually to do with Ruby.

This piece of writing is about the ways technology has shaped the internet and for that reason, many job roles that involve coding or coding-related skills are popping up.

With the technological revolution, new opportunities and challenges have emerged in different fields of work. The impact on the lives of people has been seen in many ways, mainly through changes in business practices, technology adoption rates, and social norms. The change in technology has brought about an increased demand for specialists such as programmers and coders who can create new ideas, apps, websites, etc.

This is my personal blog. I am an aspiring writer who writes about all things related to writing.

I hope the posts on my blog will help you in your own writing journey.